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April 8 to May 6 - Purrdictions

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Catsmic insights by Melanie Kay - ZodiCats by Gemma Correll

Moonthly purrdictions for  April 8 to May 6 - 2024

Bonus special eclipse astrology prediction video from Melanie


Aries ♈ - Your purrfectly fiery life force is sparking the collective this moon cycle with a meowgical 💥 boom of unpredictable growth and expansion towards your soul path, inspiring others to leap into the unknown with a playful paw. The Sun, your celestial leader in fluff, cuddles up on the 13th and really cranks up your catnip, while from the 18th-22nd, you start feeling that luxurious streeeeetttttccchhhhh 🤸🏼 into your destiny pawth. Keep your whiskers tuned to the mystery! The later half of the moon cycle, April 25th - May 7th, your fiery energy will purr down and you’ll feel the balance of the goddess come in for a cozy cuddle🧕🏽. Enjoy the catwalk! It’s not often you see this much action towards collective wellbeing leading the way in your often me-first hunts.

Taurus ♉ - At the start of this moon cycle, you were busy planting pawprints of powerful reflections 🪞 for all the collective and the liberation this eclipse brings, like a catnip for humanity. Focus on supporting your fur-ends without sacrificing your personal scratching post boundaries and you'll purr with deep satisfaction within your service. May 1st rolls in a new ball of yarn of expansion and growth in your purrsuits and finances 🌱 💵. Stay heart-centered and you will thrive as these new oppurrtunities emerge and slowly start to poke their heads out... stay patient - the peak of this new energy won’t be felt until the next moon cycle, like waiting for that lazy sunbeam to catch.

Gemini ♊ - This moon cycle could be a total cat-astrophe for you and your divine opposite, Sagittarius 🚂🤯. Pay close attention to the mood swings and intense energies around April 13th//14th and 28th//29th when the moon sheds light on these uncomfortable tension points. This cycle definitely calls for you to curl up, nap, rest, recoup, and reflect. 🛌 It’s certainly not the time to be starting up any new schemes or adventures... you might find yourself stuck in the middle of a furball, and the discomfort is thunderous 🎶

Cancer ♋ - Oh my! This moon cycle starts off on a bit of a purr-less note for you... which I know makes your whiskers twitch, dear Cancerian. Snuggling into home and self is the game plan 🏠 - meowstering the art of relaxation while the rest of the world seems to lose its head. 🤯 April 15th - 17th beams a spotlight and lends support to your fishy friends in Pisces 🐠 - you're in your element, purry and ready to help balance the ebb and flow of chaos amongst the collective, making it a "their problem." April 30th revisits some of the themes you were dealing with last moon cycle, so brace for the sequel. Tail-waving could be a powerful practice for this brief transit - sending love and rainbow vibes your way 💓🌈💓

Leo ♌ - This moon cycle it's all about youuuu - carving out new spaces to purr your heart out and dance to your own rhythm.💃🏻🥁. This gets amplified on April 18th//19th when you quite literally feel your heart swell with more love than you imagined possible 💓. Guard your purrcious vulnerability during this time and claw into some stability for the week that follows because karma’s eyeing you around May 3rd. Being prepared is the catnip to ease through this transit. Godspeed, you celestial lion😇

Virgo ♍ - Breathwork and fasting are the cat’s meow for you this moon cycle, dear Virgo 🌬. With all the catsmic activity directly opposing your sign, it's vital for you to remember how important your physical health is to the collective. It's time to shed the fear and ego and start vocalizing your insights on health and healing… not only will it inspurre the kitty committee, but it will also boost your confidence around your diligent nature and showcase how you organize complex ideas through experience. Self-care is the name of the game, especially during the lunar transit from the 20th-22nd… you might want to indulge in a more pawssive form of pampering, like a massage or bodywork 💆🏻‍♀. Treat yo’self like the top cat you are!

Libra ♎ - Just like your Virgo neighbors, flexing and even doubling down on your innate skills will serve the collective awakening that's unfurling this moon cycle. Absolutely - it's all about keeping the balance…⚖ especially in your lair and lounge. While the collective is expanding externally into the Age of Aquarius and new earth catitudes, it's your mission to turn inwards and discover all the space and freshness within you 🧘🏼. If you stay on this pawth, by April 23rd//24th, you'll uncover some profound revelations and deep whisker wisdom regarding duality ☯

Scorpio ♏ - This moon cycle is surprisingly chill for you, beautiful Scorpio 🦂. You're so attuned to deep transformational work and the underworld, that while everyone else is having a hissy fit, you can simply relax and purr in contentment… 🛀 ideally by a body of water, lounging with a drink in paw 🏝. Keep an eye on the April 11th//12th & April 25th//27th moon transits through your watery sister sign Cancer 🦀 and your own sign, as this will harmeownize with all the planetary action in Pisces. Your catpacity for acceptance, unconditional love, and finding the flow 🌊 will truly uplift the collective and your gift of purrsence will be seen and appreciated.

Sagittarius ♐ - Honestly, it seems you often overlook your divine oppawsition sign of Gemini 👯‍♀. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But this moon cycle, it might be wise to connect with those many-faced twins and share in the drama as you're both navigating similar catsmic squalls. The mood swings and intense energies around April 13th//14th and 28th//29th are noteworthy, so brace yourself as both you and Gemini will feel the effects. While Gemini is caught up in the chaos, the latter transit brings you into a whirlwind of chaos meowgic 🌈🌪with a fiery alliance with your kitty star buddy Aries and the Sun, highlighting your range and catpacity in a brighter light, provided you keep your eyes on the prize. Stay strong 💪🏼, this moon's a wild ride.

Capricorn ♑ - After dedicating the last moon cycle to purrsonal and introspective grooming, it’s time to explore the territory of relationships 👪, marking your boundaries and assessing who's really part of your litter. Some folks in your life may not be on the same purrlength or supporting the energies you're putting out - this cycle is all about figuring out how to balance these relationships, deciding how close to keep these friends, relatives, or coworkers. April 15th and 30th will shine a revealing light on this process, while May 2nd offers a purr-needed break from all this introspection. 😮‍💨

Aquarius ♒ - Heads up, Aquarius - the first four days of this moon cycle come with a hefty dose of karmic furballs in regards to how you’re seen by the world. You might feel misunderstood or find yourself needing to lick your wounds and take accountability for past actions or words that scratched. Stay grounded and take things slow 🌳. The effort, humility, and attention you give during these days will pay off big time. After April 13th, that karmic return will settle into your life for some inner alchemy - no need to keep prodding deeply… let the integration happen naturally. The pawer of this process will come to light 🕯 on May 3rd, so hang in there.

Pisces ♓ - Woah, meow about a cosmic cat convention in your sign this moon cycle! WTFlee. 😬 With the Sun//Moon//Chiron conjunction//Eclipse on April 8th to Mercury going retrograde in Pisces until May 2nd, plus Venus in her glory until the 24th before Mars jumps in, merging with Neptune to navigate the catsmic currents… Danggggg, you've got a LOT happening. My only advice for you is to be the majestic, mysterious ocean cat you are and just FLOW… 🌊. You're holding the catsmic keys 🔑 to a global liberation event. Your natural humility and egoless nature are gifts to everyone this cycle. Ahoy! Just try to keep one paw on solid ground so you don’t drift too far from shore, ok?


Remember, the universe has a way of guiding us through its catsmic litter box, offering both challenges to leap over and comfy spots to curl up in. Whether you've been riding high on the catnip of success or finding yourself in a bit of a scratchy situation, know that every phase is just a part of your unique journey under the celestial catnopy!

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