March 10 to April 7 - Purrdictions

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Catsmic insights by Melanie Kay - ZodiCats by Gemma Correll

Moon cycle purrdictions for March 10 to April 7 - 2024


Aries ♈ - Paws for a moment, dear wonder Ram, as this moon cycle promises to be the cat's meow!  Climb to the top of your personal mountain 🐾⛰️ - it's the purrfect time for you to show off your fabulous feline agility and land on your feet, no matter the height. Stay open to the unexpected - it might just be the catnip you need to leap into your next adventure. Let's not fur-get, the universe 💫 has a way of landing us on our paws!

Taurus ♉ - Calling all cozy cats and kittens! 🐱 Let's not kitten around; your home is your cat castle.🏰 Early this moon cycle, you're feeling the urge to purr-ify your space and perhaps start a new feeding plan that'll have you feeling frisky and fine. It's all about embracing the Earth element 🌍, so plant your paws  firmly and prepare for some purring good times ahead.

Gemini ♊ - This cycle, your relationships are meow-re important than ever, especially around the 17th and 18th. You'll find yourself playing the role of the cool cat, offering a comforting paw and a listening ear. Remember, lending a paw to friends in need helps you accumulate some serious kitty karma in your circle of trust. 🐾💖✨

Cancer ♋ - Oh, my starry sky kittens! 🌌 It’s your time to embrace the cosmic catnip as we delve into themes of transformation and renewal. Whether you're floating like a furball in water or stretching out for a good qigong session, remember to go with the flow. 🌊 😽Your fluidity this cycle is your strength.

Leo ♌ - Look at you, the majestic jungle cat of the zodiac, finding no room for drama this cycle. Instead, you're rolling in the accolades like a cat with a new toy. Remember, 💞😻 self-love is the ultimate treat, so indulge in some grooming and bask in the glow of your own warmth.☀️

Virgo ♍ - Keep your whiskers twitching, as navigating this moon cycle might feel like you're trying to catch a laser pointer dot. But remember, every cat has its day, and this too shall pass. Keep your paws steady and your eyes on the prize 🐾🎁 - your emotional agility is key.

Libra ♎ - Balance is your middle name, but this cycle, you're more than just a pretty tail. You're the cat that got the cream, potentially unlocking doors and smoothing over family hisses and spats. 😾💣Your ability to keep things in harmony is truly something to purr about. 💗

Scorpio ♏ - As the new moon dawns, it's time to sharpen those claws on your commitments and intentions. A quick cat nap around March 29th might be just what you need to recharge your batteries.🙏🐈 Remember, your inner feline strength is what gets you through, fur real. 

Sagittarius ♐ - After focusing on your cat-like reflexes last cycle, it's time to curl up and do some soul grooming. 🥰 Enjoy this rare moment of catnapping in your adventurous life - who knows when the next pounce of activity will come? 🎠

Capricorn ♑ - Your inner mountain goat 🐐 might feel more like a cat on a hot tin roof this cycle, as the planets challenge your usual steadiness. Stick with it, and you might just find your purrpose reflected back at you after March 22nd. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed by the kitty committee. 🐱🐱🐱

Aquarius ♒ - With planets aligning in your sign, you might find yourself cat-walking into new realms of action and speech.
This is your moment to shine 🌈✨ to share your unique purrspective with the world. Whether it's podcasting or posting, your voice has the power to lead the pack. 😺🐾

Pisces ♓ - Dive back into the emotional waters 🛀🏄‍♀️ and let your intuitive fins guide you through the sea of collective and personal revelations. Your ability to nurture and heal is a gift 🐾🌹- like a wise old cat who knows just when to offer a comforting purr. Remember, the intensity of this cycle is just a cat nap away from easing up.


Keep these playful and pun-filled insights in mind as you navigate through the moon's phases. May your curiosity lead you to fantastic discoveries, and remember, when in doubt, paws and reflect on the wisdom of our feline friends.

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