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May 7 to June 5 - Purrdictions

Catsmic insights by Melanie Kay - ZodiCats by Bridgett Spicer

Moonthly purrdictions for  May 7 to June 5 - 2024


- Oh meow, is it time to unleash the cat-astrophic power? ⏱ Are you feline ready to let the cat out of the bag with your new creations? Pawsitively! The new creation within you has matured and is ready to claw its way into this world 🤰🏻👼🏻. You have all the feline support you need. Trust in the catnip of chaos meowgic, and let your spirit find comfort in the knowledge that you're held in a much fluffier way than you can imagine. Sharpen your claws and get ready to share with your inner circle from the 10th-13th. Then cozy up for a catnap until June 1st, when it's time to pounce on your skills and take action with your mew creation. Godspeed, you great horned kitty. 🐏

♉ - This moon cycle, you're stretching like a cat in the sun, expanding, and letting your wild side leap out in relationships 🕊👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏽… This is highlighted both at the start and tail end of the cycle. Expect a burst of meowgical catnip 🌟 to enter the scene around May 14th, and a deep comfort and familiarity to land on the 18th. Savor this purr-iod as it's rare for so many planets to line up in your furrvor. When these planets mix up a deep lesson of love 💕 on the 26th, take in the purrs. You deserve it, and we welcome you to relish the moment through the end of the cycle. 🍜

- This moon has you stepping out of your litter box and exploring the outer reaches of your comfort zone… venturing & sniffing into topics that make you feel uncomfortable, racy, or downright fur-raising 👯‍♀️. Embrace it - the richness of these explorations are part of your learning journey on this earth walk 🌍🚶🏻‍♀️. The opportunity to dance in such edgy places isn't always available, so take advantage! Stay mindful, give yourself purr-mission to explore, watch for danger signs, and by the 25th, you will have enough lived expurrience for a novella 📕. Have fun!

♋ - According to these stars ✨, you’re due for a social media cat-over! Struggling with your public image? 🪞 Reimagining your sense of self and the roles you want to play in this backyard? 📋📇👩🏻‍💼 Now is the purr-fect time, dear watery kitty. Refresh your whiskers, your fur, your purrnciples, and your general ethos. Dive deep into what’s important and let that shine through your impact in the world. ☀🌍☀ Get to it, and don't kitten around!

♌ - The sparkles that are shooting off you are almost blinding the cats around you this moon cycle! ✨🌟✨ You're being noticed and celebrated for your talents and achievements. 💝 Enjoy the limelight, but don’t let it go to your whiskers... you wouldn’t want to fall off your lofty perch around the 16th. 🐎
Don’t be surprised when the pawrty starts winding down around the 27th; you will try and bring home all the treats when in reality, we must come to the understanding that all things must come to an end. 🏆 Writing about or meowing the high on your socials will be a great way to savor the day. 💫

♍ - Beware, dear Virgo, of the whisker-twisting invitation to be a meowrtyr for the collective, or you might find yourself in a fur-nado deeper than just your time and energy this moon cycle. It's best to keep your whiskers twitching for a fresh, pawsibly life-changing oppurrtunity that will reveal itself by May 18th. 😇 This mew chance will weave together all your past experiences with your deepest dreams for the future. I know detachment isn't your usual cat-titude, but try to let go of the old yarns and you'll sparkle like the top cat you are. 💎

- You've been the cosmic kitty midwife, helping Aries bring their mew ventures to life this cycle. 🥚🌀🐣 But relax your paws by the 10th, and saunter down the laid-back lane laid out for you. 😌 Between May 16th and 19th, let spontaneity be your guide, watch out for a hairball of a day on the 20th, then cruise through to the next new moon without any flea drama or major celebrations to ruffle your fur. ☮ Keep your balance, and maybe sketch out some art about this un-fur-gettable yet mundane moment in time. 🎨

♏ - Whoooooo arrrreeee youuuuu? As a wise wonderland cat-erpillar once said… 🐈🐛 This moon cycle probes deep, giving you the chance to ponder this existential question fully, reaching a climax from May 22nd-24th when the full moon reflects your true cat back at you. 🎼 Once you've unraveled your inner enigmeows, integrate this mewfound knowledge into your being by May 27th, enhancing your innate Scorpio myowstique. These deep dives are what make you purr, bringing out your devilishly delightful side. Embrace your full spectrum, from shadow to light. You are power, wild and unrestrained. 💪🏼

- Seriously, all these meowlodramatic earthlings are getting on your last whisker, aren’t they? 🙄 The world seems to be shedding more than just winter coats: downfalls, corruptions, and conflicts are everywhere. This cycle, it’s all about self-groom and tuning out the cat fights—purr-haps some Solfeggio scales or guided meditation can soothe your frazzled fur. 🎶🧘🏻‍♂📿 By the 26th, expect to feel lighter, your spirit as free as a firefly, ready to illuminate your path to inner peace. 🐝💡

♑ - You’ve been climbing quite the meowuntain, haven't you, Catpricorn? 😣 If discomfort was a couch, you’ve been sleeping on it. Good mews: this moon cycle offers a reflective pawse 🪞 to review all your recent scrambling and scratching. Maybe it’s time to express these changes creatively? 🎨📖✍ Whether through private journaling or a public purr-formance, let your chirping be heard. From the 22nd to the 29th, revelations will come thick and fast—letting go might just be the way to have it all. 🗽

- This moon cycle, your den is your focus, Aquarius. 🏡 How can you amplify the zen in your zone? What sacred cat toys can you introduce to make your space a true reflection of your inner cosmeows? 🔥💧🌱 Consider this your quest to balance your spiritual and earthly realms. It might sound a bit mystical, but it’s grounded in real meowgic. Energize your abode around the 15th and 29th, and watch your spiritual sparks fly. Make your den & perch living altars of peace and creativity. 🧚🏾🐉🦄

♓ - Ready to surf some celestial waves, my sweet Purrmaids? 🏄‍♂️ Mars is stirring the waters in your sign, making for a choppy wet ride. Keep swimming with the current to avoid getting swamped. 🏊‍♀️ Mid-month might tug at your fins, tempting you to obsess over healing—go with the flow, but keep a paw on grounding yourself. 🌊 By the end of the month, you’ll have navigated through these waters with a mew sense of understanding and gratitude. Just keep pawddling, and soon you'll be floating peacefully and purring back in your beloved sea of dreams. 💓🛌


As this whisker-filled May moon wanes, remember to keep your pawsitive cattitude in check and let your curiosity lead the way. Stay light on your paws and embrace the purr-plexities of life. Until next time, keep purring along on your catsmic journey! 🌟🐾

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