Changing the world one cat at a time

GiftyKitty is an art & gift shop committed to bringing joy & a-mews-ment to all as an experiential cat-alyst of whimsy & wonder.  When visitors re-emerge from the store they have a spring in their step & a smile on their face…spreading their re-mewded energy to the next person they meet!

How we are changing the world one cat at a time:

  • Setting a new standard of high commission rates for artists.
  • Focus on supporting local, minority-owned, & grassroots small businesses.
  • Eco-minded & quality items leave small impacts and boost the ecological environment.
  • Commitment to limit packaging waste and feature products with little to no plastic.
  • Promotion & sales percentage to a local no-kill shelter every quarter.
  • Creating an immersive store experience that is free and accessible for all to enjoy.

Meet the cats behind GiftyKitty

Larry Lydon

Larry's devout kindness grounds the store. His penchant for wonder ensures the products available are all unique catalysts for joy. His commitment to equity is found through fair-trade products and compensating artists fairly. His devotion to Portland residents and all visitors to the store is enshrined through the magic of the immersive installation that is free to enjoy for all those who make it through the door.

Clody Cates

Even if you have yet to meet, you know the breadth of Clody's imagination and mastery of her crafts. Her third-eye and countless hands are everywhere in the GiftyKitty universe. Sprouting the GiftyKitty seed, tending to every detail, designing & sculpting every element, creating & packing the website with purrfect puns, custom graphic design, clever marketing, & relationship building further propels the featured artists. The inspiration, joy, and quality presented at GiftyKitty is a pure reflection of Clody's determination to create the happiest place on Earth.

GiftyKitty's Story

GiftyKitty is a story of its creators coming together in a time of change, and using this opportunity to shift their lives and the possibilities of the retail experience. For decades Larry ran body jewelry stores that generously boosted artists from Portland and beyond. For a lifetime Clody has been mastering a wide range of artistic mediums as well as guiding people into transformative life changes. 

The pandemic and personal loss presented Larry an opportunity to reflect on the direction of his body jewelry store, and Clody helped support the radical redefinition of his life’s purpose. After a series of long Zoom meetings, Clody noticed that cat subjects and cute cat images were consistently arising in Larry’s vision for his dream space. It soon became obvious what brought the most joy to Larry. 

“What about an all Cat-Themed, eco-minded gift-shop?”, Clody suggested. A beaming ray of sunshine instantly lit up Larry’s heart and GiftyKitty was born! They sprouted the dream of dedicating a storefront to the love of cats, art, and the power of joy to create a space more impactful than a simple retail space by centering Larry’s core values and Clody’s talents in the development of the concept. 

Clody arrived in Portland with a truck full of manzanita wood, tools and her cat Mangus on her shoulders.  She spent months designing & transforming the clean-slate of the quiet jewelry store into the one-of-a-kind wonder it is today. With the support of her talented designer/builder friend Cameron Kephart and a small but mighty team of craftspeople, Clody designed and created every detail, including some of the purrrfect gifts available. 

Larry is now focused on store operations and sourcing special products, while Clody remains centered on artist relationships/development, continued design details, and marketing. The creation of GiftyKitty has been a joyful transformative labor of love and our goal is to share this love with the world!

GiftyKitty, purrfectly fulfilling the needs of all human cat lovers!