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The Crooked Cat - Tarot Deck

This is the Crooked Cat Tarot deck! This deck was inspired by Sam Sawyer's love of cats as well as paying homage to a bunch of friends and families fur babies. In the guide booklet for this deck, you will get to see the names of all of the cats in the Major Arcana!
There are actually quite a few of my Sam's cats in this deck to keep their memories alive and to honor them. Every cat that was chosen for the deck was picked because their personalities matched the cards they were paired with!

If you are familiar with the Rider Waite then this deck will be similar in nature with its own style. It a booklet that gives descriptions of what each card means. Though definitions of the cards will be provided, we also highly recommend you get comfortable with the cards and come up with your own meanings. This deck also has some rather cute cat puns in it!

The deck does come with a holographic side! This side once the deck is shuffled won't be 100% anymore unless the deck is placed back in order of when you got it. It's just a cool design on the sides when you put your cards in order :)

- Card stock: 300 gsm - smooth
- Custom Rigid box, 78 card deck & guide booklet
- Matte card finish with holographic silver edges, silver rainbow shine on both front & back